Les questions économiques ne sont pas des questions techniques qu’il faudrait abandonner à une petite caste d’experts. Il est nécessaire que les citoyens puissent se faire leur propre opinion, sans se laisser impressionner.

The quotation comes from the blurb on the back cover of Thomas Piketty’s Aux urnes citoyens (2016).

Word Processing

The book was typeset in LaTeX (I am neither an enthusiast nor an expert). The control page shows the packages and methods used. Don’t be surprised by signs of outrageous clumsiness.

The contents page was constructed manually for various reasons.


I refrained from making entries for every occurrence of key Keynesian concepts such as saving. Not only do they have countless explicit mentions, but it is difficult to decide where they are implicitly invoked. These concepts are indexed only where they are introduced or defined.

Concepts which are less fundamental are indexed on every occurrence. Names of authors are indexed wherever they occur in the text (but not in footnotes).


My procedure was as follows:

Some publication processes will not need the last step.


The scrolls were drawn in SVG and put through the same conversions as the diagrams. Their purpose is to prevent the eye from mistaking page headings for section headings when a sentence begins at the top of a page. I was surprised not to find professionally drawn ones.